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Making the Most of an SEO Competitive Analysis

Posted on March 13, 2023 by Alden Detrick

If you're prepared to go on a search engine marketing campaign, you will want to have a close look at your competition. Either are going to before you in the SEO world or you'll detect their deficiencies and rush right past them with regards to internet search engine visibility.

Here are some key considerations.

Page Titles

See what sort of titles on pages competitors use. Do they only include their name or perhaps a page name? Just how much do they vary? Will there be another page title for each page? Do they appear to contain reasonable keyphrases? Are they dominated by keywords or marketing messages?


Do they execute a good job of providing keyword-rich META descriptions? What balance do they strike between mentioning the business's value or special deals and conveying core keywords?

Quality of Content

How much copy is apparent in each page? Will there be any focus on the visible text? Is it possible to even count 250 keywords on critical pages? How will be the headers organized? Does the business benefit from text navigation?

Robots.Text File

See what the web page owners are telling the various search engines. Are internet search engine spiders encouraged or discouraged by the directions listed in the robots.txt file?

Link Building

Find out just how many places are linking to the competitor. You might not have time and energy to determine the standard of all the links, but observe how many they will have compared to your online site.


Determine just how many pages of the website have already been indexed by the major se's. So how exactly does each competitor compare to your time and efforts to supply relevant content that may be crawled by se's?

Site Design, Architecture and Technology

Is it professional? How can you describe the look? Could it be SEO-friendly? Does the website depend on static pages or dynamic content? Is there frames or Flash with the familiar "skip intro" button?


As best it is possible to, select 10 keywords and key phrases and discover how well they're ranking on the major se's. Do they rank well? Is it possible to catch up?.